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In the 1980s the British Board of Film Censors extended its purview to include video cassettes. Prompted by complaints and inquiries, the BBFC seized thousands of tapes and created what became known as the Video Nasty list. In all 74 films made the Video Nasty list and were banned. Many others were investigated. Ironically, this banning succeeded less in preventing these obscene movies from being seen than it did in immortalizing these films as rebellious legends. These are the Video Nasties.

Making the list wasn't a slam dunk... thousands were either seized or otherwise investigated... some missed the list by an English Inch, like ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST... others were absolutely ridiculous... like THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS... these are... some of them!

From double features to cases of mistaken identity to out and out boggarting rip offs, here are some of the films associated with the Video Nasties... and like the above, some of these are stretches...

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2007's FALL... in Love with a VIDEO NASTY...
Collected and Reviewed by J.C. Maçek III
Who is solely responsible for this site... and for the fact that finding these things was almost as hard as watching them was!!!
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